My Room

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For a little refreshing change in my daily life, I like to redecorate my room whenever I feel like it. Actually, I shouldn't call it "my" room since I'm sharing room with my two sisters. Ever since we were young, we just used same room and shared most of the things, so I would rather feel weird if I have my own room. But, in this post, I would just call it "my room," and the sisters won't mind about it because it could also be "my room" to them.

This is where my childhood memories are compacted in one little place😊. There are not much diverse kinds of things because I just want to collect all the "Toy Story" movie character stuffs. I'm a huge huge fan of toy story until now. I personally think Toy story is one of the best movies regardless the genres *personal preference.* Although I've just got the beans, piggy bank, bullseye and the alien (at least I've got four of them), I'll collect them until I'll have all the toys in the movie, if possible!

We all love to hang some cozy lights around the house, so we did! Those lights perfectly match with our room and it particularly is a perfect match for Christmas, of course.

Bookshelf is definitely the necessary thing to have in a room, and this is how mine or ours looks like. The three of us, I and my sisters, we all love the Harry Potter series and the movies as well, so we bought all of series and it's totally worth it. Besides Harry Potter, my older sister and I like to read the Kinfolk magazines, so we are continuously collecting the volumes. Those two recipe books are gifts that I received on my birthday and Christmas day, and I like both of them so much.

The music section, we all love. I don't usually buy the albums or the vinyls, but exceptions always exist! Whenever I find some artists who create completely my favorite kinds of music and when I'm really into them, I have to have them in my room. So, they are the ones that I've been into for a long time - Troye Sivan, Broods(sister-brother rocks), Dean(Korean artist).

And candles as well. I personally like refreshing and sweet scents, so that citrus tango is my favorite among the all kinds. I just light them up when I need some freshness in the room. So, this is how my room looks like, and I'm always curious to know yours too😉

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