Long Time No See!

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Long time no see! I took a very long break from blogging and I'm really glad to be back, writing this post. I wanted to write my last post of 2017 after I remembered my first post that was written in January this year. After I had an amazing summer with families and friends, I spent my autumn and winter studying, baking, watching Netflix series&movies and started another part-time job. I've been saving some money for my college for about a year and suddenly everything got so busy that I had no time to write something. Now, I feel like things a bit settled down and I'll keep myself updated from now on!

How I spent my Christmas↓↓↓
 I got inspired as I watched the movie - How the Grinch Stole Christmas
and made these madeleines!

 and covered them with some melted white chocolate and some christmasy sprinkles


 My little cousin came to our house to sleep over for three days, so we decided to do some Christmas baking together

I love these kinds of moments when you can totally feel like Christmas is finally here and when you get to have the perfect family time with your sisters

 We made all of those cupcake toppers and that was definitely the cutest thing to do with my little sisters

 🎄Happy Holidays🎄

This year, I decided to make my personal gift tags and although it's very simple, I liked them a lot!

That moment, when your sister finally placed all of her gifts and the other family members can't wait to open them up


Lots of events happened in autumn and winter, so I've got a lot of different stories to write on this blog. I had another family trip in November, watched various original Netflix series shows, baked at least once a week, bought some new books, and so many others. 

There were lists of things that I wanted to in November and December and I'll briefly share some things in here!
  • I finally started watching "Stranger Things" and I finished the whole series(season1&2) in three days.. This definitely became my favorite among the favorites.
  • I also finished watching "Anne with an E" and I'm dying to wait for upcoming season. When I was younger, I watched the animated version of Anne on television, so it was quiet bizarre to me to watch it again with actual people acting.
  • I and my family AND our friend's family had another trip together. We found our perfect travel mates since it's our third time travelling together. (I'll be posting about the trip soon!)
  • I worked as a part-timer in Subway(yes, the place where you order sandwiches) for about a year and a half, but I finally quit working in there and moved to another place. Yay! This was one of the major reasons why I took a little break from blogging. 
  • My 2017 resolution was to read more books and even though I totally failed, I still found some great books this year and I might be sharing them in here as well.
  • My hobby has been baking for quiet a long time, so I often baked at home for practicing and for family and friends. This year, I baked more than ever and I feel so accomplished with it. I've got a lot to share!
  • I've been studying Chinese for a year and a half. My long-term goal succeeded! So, I'm thinking of learning another language along with Chinese.

I've had a quiet busy life in autumn and winter, so I can't really believe that this year is already at the very end of its time; however, I am excited to experience more, explore more and act more in 2018. I would love to know how your December was! xx

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  1. Sorry to hear life got so hectic you had no time to blog! You looked to have spent the festive season in the best possible way - surrounded by Christmas decorations, baking, baking and more baking. Yum! :) The cupcakes look particularly adorable. Happy 2018!


    1. Thank you Gabrielle! I definitely had one of the best times in winter and I hope you also did! Happy 2018 xx

  2. All those treats look SO YUMMY!! Looks like a beautiful christmas <3

    xo, Allie

    1. I really tried my best making all of those treats! Thanks for stopping by xx

  3. It's always a nice idea to take a break from blogging during the holidays. I also took a few weeks off because I wanted to focus my time on family and travels. It feels good to be back working on my blog and I have so much to share =o) Wishing you the best in the new year xx


    1. Even though the break was little long, I also really enjoyed the times with my family and friends. And I can't already wait for your posts that you'll be sharing! Happy 2018 xx

  4. Welcome back! omg all that Christmas baking <3 <3 <3 and the trees and presents too of course :P // I binged the first season of Stranger Things when it came out in two days! I haven't gotten around to season 2 yet because I didn't want to get hooked onto a TV show during my crazy semester with my senior thesis, but I do plan on watching it eventually! // Yay for new job whoop whoop // hehe I feel like "reading more" is one of those goals that everyone always sets for themselves for the New Year. That and "exercising more" :P Overall, I think I read a good amount for 2017, but I haven't been doing very much reading these last two months, so I'm trying to get back into it. When I'm trying to ease myself back into reading, I go for fluffy fast reads (YA novels, thrillers), and then I go for something more thoughtful! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Yay for your senior year!! And I can tell that Stranger things season 2 is even better than season 1! And January is definitely the time we always make our "New Year" goals haha :D

  5. Wowww your Christmas baking is insane! I love the little madeleines, they're so cute! (I could definitely do with a few now..) I really want to watch Stranger Things but I'm too much of a wimp haha xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    1. Thank you Lucy! Christmas was definitely the best season for baking. I miss it already! I'm also a wimp like I've never watched a horror/thriller movies in my entire life, but Stranger Things was an exception for me haha xx

  6. hiiii ,..
    your post is very wonderful and so useful,i really like.
    thank you so much dear.....


  7. Those cookies and cupcakes looks pretty delicious! Hope to see you blog more, dabin!
    x, Cinthy.