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This is my first blog and today is the lunar new year, I decided to write down my new year's resolutions for this year to be more meaningful. Before I start, I want to highlight 2016 first because it was such an unforgettable year for me. I can't explain how crazy it was, how lovely it was and how thankful I am, adios 2016!
I know that this year will be even more adventurous and mind-boggling than last year because... it's my last teenage year. I'm already feeling excited and worried at the same time since I'll have to take more responsibilities for my own acts and words. In 2017, I want to try everything that I'm eager to give it a shot and be not afraid of embarrassment - because my face burns when I'm in this situation. I also want to take more time with myself or for myself, so that I can make some improvements (even just a little one will be an achievement!). So here, I've separated things into three categories which are people, studies/plans and myself.

So, these are my 2O17 New Year's Resolutions:

       ðŸ’šbe more careful and loving to families, friends and people beside me
I sometimes find myself being too comfortable with the dearest people around me, especially my family, because I know that they know me too well. However, as I've said, they are the dearest people to me, I want to be more careful when I speak to them.
       ðŸ’› spend time wisely for studies and plannings
I'm preparing to study in university this year, so it is definitely the most important time for me to lastly check everything up. I know it could be a bit stressful to prepare all the needed documents, interviews, etc. but I want to enjoy this moment as well since it's Just once in my life!
       ðŸ’œ study more and more - related to my future career
From 5th grade, I always said that I want to be a professional in kitchen/cooking as I grow up. I don't know why but for some reasons that this child's dream is still going. I never thought of having an another "dream" career, so I'm still interested in anything related to food. This year, I'm going to force myself to read a lot of books because I really must read A LOT.
       ðŸ’™ be more confident, proactive, productive and creative
This year, I want to expand more with my personal attitudes towards everything. I want to be more confident, proactive, productive and creative with my achievements and with the things that I'm doing.
      💗 be prepared and organized
I've realized that things are done in better ways when I prepare and organize them. Since I want to keep things progressive, preparation and organizing stuff will help!
So, these are my 2017 resolutions. I've written not much of them because I truly wanted to keep it simple as possible, so that I can really keep my words. I would love to know yours as well! Hope 2017 will be another lovely year for all & Belated Happy New Year.

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