Movie Nights

by - 3:41 AM

I have my own lists of movies sorted with different genres and have organized them accordingly with my personal-preference rankings. This is how much I am into a thing, movies. Whenever I have time, watching movie is the prior thing to do before anything else. When I was younger, I loved to cuddle with my sisters & families, pick favorite movie dvd, pop some popcorn and watch movie. Disney movies, Ghibli movies, Harry Potter series, Christmas movies, musical movies, fantasy and mysterious movies were my most preferred movies and are until now.

The movies I like are mostly fantasy movies - as you can see, Disney, Ghibli, Harry Potter, etc., they are all fantasy movies. Those chilly, eerie, mysterious and weird feelings that I get make me want to watch more and more of them. I just can't stop once I start watching like eating cheetos (we all know that flammin hot flavor one).

We've recently redecorated one wall in our room with movie posters. When we go to theater or cinema in Korea, there will be bundle of movie posters provided for everyone, and we can definitely take one with us. I thought every country provides movie posters for people, but when I was in America, there was none. I'm curious if other states have, but where I stayed never had one. So, I took this as a privilege and started collecting the posters of the movies either that I watched or that I wanted to watch whenever I go to the cinemas.

This is the redecorated feature of our wall and I definitely love this. They are just few selected posters, so we'll actually be changing them whenever we want to!

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