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2 O 1 7 a d v e n t u r e t o T a i w a n
- f a m i l y t r i p -

D A Y 1 / F E B / 2 O / M O N

Finally, the time to write down my travel journal has come!! I had written "preparing another journey" in my previous blog, and it was about my preparation before trip to Taiwan. It finally happened and I and my family had one of the best memories and moments together. Taiwan trip was better than we expected it to be and we got to do almost everything that we planned to do. 

So... Here comes the day 1 ✈

On February 20th (D-day), I stayed awake until 2 am in the morning, but had to wake up at 4 am for flight. Maybe I pretended that I'm not excited as I am in my "inner-self."😊 I always get extremely nervous whenever I travel abroad because of my airsickness. It just never gets better and the weird thing is that it only happens when I'm leaving my country. It bothers me every time I travel because my stomach is empty and the flight is always early in the morning. Nonetheless, exceptions always happen which made my Taiwan trip even more special. I overcame my airsickness by eating breakfast and taking some medicine. This usually doesn't work for me, but that day I was able to have a nice trip!

Safely arrived to Taipei! It felt quite weird for me since Taipei seemed similar with Seoul. This was the most exciting moment - seeing road signs and store signs written in Chinese, motorcycles, etc. And as you can see in the photo, in Taipei, the traffic lights show how much seconds you've got! (I wanted to bring that system to my country.)

city view✨
 street in Taipei
GuiYang Street
our first meal in Taiwan:
Food in Taipei was so much cheaper than I expected and they're even tasty.
1. steamed dumplings - pork & shrimp
2. fried dumplings - spicy & not
3. noodles with soup - with wontons
4. noodles with sauce - sesame & black sesame

After our arrival, we headed to our accommodation right away to get some rest til dinner. All of my family was feeling good after flight luckily, so some stayed to take a nap while I and my sister went out to look around the streets and buy our "late" lunch. And we were extremely surprised because of the price and the quality. Food in Taiwan never disappointed me during the whole trip that I could literally go back just to eat!

The sun went down, so we got up and went outside to properly explore the city. On first day, everything seemed so different, interesting and unusual which made me feel like I'm really in Taiwan! (excitement overlooooad)

 on my way to Longshan Temple - 龙山寺

Each person excluding children can get three incense sticks/joss sticks for free.
There are three places where you can put the sticks inside the temple, so if you're planning to have a visit, don't forget to look around the whole temple.

I've realized that people were doing these certain acts before they put the sticks -
while holding three sticks with two hands, they lifted their hands to their foreheads
and bowed three times. I guess it was their ritual.

While heading back to my accommodation, I've realized that I'm continuously seeing these straightly lined up motorcycles. There are really A LOT of motorcycles in Taiwan. I knew about it, but there were more than I expected. 

I can still remember the whole thing clearly:) Even though I was tired, I was so eager to roam around the town. I stayed near Ximen Station (西门站) and it was really convenient to go to other places and I think it's good place for visitors/tourists to stay. First day in Taiwan passed so quickly and I had such a lovely day. Already can't wait to go back!

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  1. Looks like fun!


  2. I would love to go there! Taiwan looks so nice and I LOVE the food there! Hope you're having fun!


    1. thanks! I truly recommend Taiwan for travel because the food is so good here!

  3. These all look so amazing!!
    Xx Brandi

  4. Taiwan looks like such a fun place to visit. Hope you're having fun on your trip!


    1. thank you! I came back filled with fun memories. Taiwan was amazing!

  5. wonderful :)
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  6. Was this your first time in Taiwan? I usually go back once a year to visit relatives! Whenever I'm there, I try to go to a night market every night. Probably not the healthiest choice, but Taiwanese food is so delicious and so affordable! I also try to get bubble tea every day :3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. It was my first visit and I loved it! I went to the night market and I was screaming like I have to try all of these. It was definitely hard to resist myself. Can't wait for my next visit to Taiwan! xx

  7. This looks great!! :)


  8. Wow it looks so fun there, I love all of these photos