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2 O 1 7 a d v e n t u r e t o T a i w a n
- f a m i l y t r i p -

D A Y 4 / F E B / 2 3 / T H U R

After an exhausted day from the day before, I and my family decided to take a little break from a tourist-like trip. Whenever I travel another country, I always try to visit a place where there is a unique beauty of that particular country like Gyeongbokgung, an old palace in Seoul. While I was surfing on internet, I found this enormous house called Lin's Family Garden - 林家花园. Although about half of the house was on reconstruction, we still went on to have a look!

- 去林家花园 -
This was actually my first time riding a bus, instead of subway. When I travel another country, I personally prefer subway since it's much easier than finding a bus route, but on the fourth day, I took a ride in a bus. I had to check when to scan my card on the reader as it's either getting on the bus or getting off the bus -上(when you get on) / 下(when you get off). 

And we arrived! It took about 15-20 mins from Ximen Station to Lin's Family Garden and the bus stops right in front of the house. I love this long narrow entrance to the main parts of the house. A map is provided in front with different languages, so I grabbed one!
 mom & dad

Even though parts of the house were on reconstruction, I personally liked visiting here. It was extremely large to call it a house that I just felt like I'm in a (Chinese drama) filming location.😊 I would love to revisit once the reconstruction is over. Such a lovely and a calm place to have a visit if you want to take a little awayday.

I and my older sister split up with my parents and younger sissy to visit different places. We actually planned to visit Taiwan University, but changed our plan because of the weather. It got a bit chilly and gloomy, so instead, we went to SOGO Depart. Store to have a late lunch.
 my favorite ever
 We ate this for dessert and it was like the best menu among the all, but I personally just liked the ice cream. (It was the best matcha flavor I've ever tried)
And our day ended up buying stuff and food for dinner at Ximen Streets. It might sound like there is not much done on the fourth day of my trip, but it never was. I was able to see more of Taipei and I just needed to have a little slow down for a day, so there's no regret!

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