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My makeup is basically melting everyday because of this hot and humid weather. I personally never liked or enjoyed rainy days, but I started to enjoy walking in the rain and hearing the sound of the rain. Drought was and still is a serious matter in Korea this year and I can totally feel the seriousness from my head to toe. 

Since it's been already one month after my latest post, I decided to write a summary of June/July. I've done quite a few things in June and I'm planning to do so in July, so here is my little summary of June/July. (and I missed this so much!)


I was craving for a piece of cinnamon roll that I had to make the whole batch to feed myself. The feeling that I get when I see the batter fully proofed, no words needed - the best feeling ever! I've recently been obsessed with Gemma Stafford's recipes and her YouTube videos, so I used her recipe to bake the roll and came with a pretty outcome. 

Since it's summertime, we all need something cold and sweet to feel better and to cool down the heat in our body. My personal favorite is this shaved ice dessert called "Patbingsu" with shaved ice+milk and red bean paste for base ingredients and there are lots of other topping varieties. What I ate is topped with some chopped rice cakes covered in bean flour(my fav) and watery bean flour paste. The other flavors like strawberry+cheesecake, green tea + chocolate, tiramisu,etc. are also so delicious!

These days, my family and I are making most of the foods that we can cook in our home like pizza and burger. Even if it takes a little time to make the whole thing and have to prepare all of the ingredients we need, we love the process and the moment when the food comes out nice. The burger is stuffed with beef+pork patty with melted cheese, iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, slightly cooked onion and balsamic vinegar cream + mayo + little bit of ketchup for sauce. The best thing about homemade food is that we can put every ingredient that we like. And I got the dough recipe from Gemma Stafford as well!

Art Museums&Exhibitions/

"Youth" : photo exhibition

I don't usually go to photo exhibitions, but this time, I had to and I wanted to. First of all, the museum was near my house and when I saw the title or the theme, There were a lot of pictures focused on various themes like early 1960's street looks, festivals, clubs and pubs, tattoos, relationships, people and so on. I can't find any other word to describe the whole theme of this exhibition perfectly because they already came up with the best word. This exhibition was just all about the word "Youth." I loved it!

Pixar : 30 years of animation

When I found out about this exhibition, I literally almost cried. Pixar has most of the movies that I watched during my childhood and until now as well. If someone asks me "what is your most favorite movie?" I would say Toy Story and Up without hesitation. It might sound a little weird, but collecting all of the toys appeared in Toy Story has always been on my bucket list. :p We were not allowed to take pictures as we entered and once I entered, I was able to know why. From Toy Story to Inside Out, the oldest to the newest, there were sketches, little notes, clay examples of characters, storyboards, short films they made and so on. I couldn't help myself screaming from excitement as I read and watched all of the details they created. To make one movie, they studied, experienced, went on adventures and put all of their efforts and time to come out with the final great movie. 

Gwangmyeong Cave
Gwangmyeong is another city in Korea located just right beside Seoul city and I and my family took a little day-trip to this city to visit "Gwangmyeong Cave." I actually didn't know anything about this cave or this area, but the cave was originally a gold mine back in 1912 to 1972. After that, the cave was used as a storage for salted fermented shrimp for about 40 years. It's just been 6 years that this cave where once was a mine or a storage finally became opened to every visitor from all different cities. As I entered the cave, my body started to shiver (it was really cold!) but at the end, I got used to the chilliness. :p There was a light show running every 5 - 7 minutes and it was representing the nature, mine workers and the cave. I was quite amazed how they thought and came up with this cool light show inside the cave. 

Music/TV Shows/Movies/
My everyday playlist currently:
Birdy - Lifted & Hear You Calling / Broods - Full Blown Love / Calvin Harris - Rollin / Chelsea Cutler - Your Shirt / Dean - D (Half Moon) / Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl / K.A.R.D - Don't Recall / Kidswaste - More Colors / LANY - Quit / Lauv - I Like Me Better / Oh Wonder - Ultralife / PSY - New Face / Troye Sivan - Lost Boy / The 1975 - The Sound

*for now, my favorite artist is Chelsea Cutler. She's got one of the coolest voice ever!

TV Shows I'm watching currently:
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events - I watched the movie version of this few years ago and I'm loving the way Neil Patrick Harris acted :)
Shadowhunters - I also started watching this because I have watched the movie. The tv shows I watch are mostly based from books and then were made into movies, but they were not so successful. So, I had to watch another version of the original book!
Sherlock - I haven't finished Season 4 yet, so I definitely need to watch! I loved and still love reading the novel version of Sherlock Holmes and when I first saw the news about the tv show, I literally screamed. All of the seasons were so great and I can't wait to finish watching Season 4.
Movies: *these are the movies I've watched recently
Cinema Paradiso (1988) / Lion (2016) / Hidden Figures (2016) / Little Forest Summer Autumn (2014) / Peter Pan (1953) / Okja (2017)

I'm already excited for what's going to happen in the rest of the summer season and I actually set a goal before summer ends. Since I've not been posting for quite a long time, I decided to post at least one post per week and I want to challenge myself if I can be very accomplished at the end of August. Lastly, hope you're having the happiest summer ever!

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  1. I would have loved seeing the pixar exhibition! I love so many of pixar's movies =o) Looks like you had a fun and busy june/july =o)


  2. Oh wow those cinnamon buns looks pretty much perfect! So nice to stumble over your blog and to hear about Korea <3


  3. Nice recap! The cinnamon roll, pizza, and burger look sooooo good!